Jayavarman II

Secondary SourceThe photo shown is a modern day statue of Jayavarman II, the man who founded the Angkor empire. This is a secondary source because this could not be exactly how he looked like, just a statue of what they think he could look of looked like. Although it possibly could of been from the time of the Angkor empire.

100328092033Preah Ko Temple

Primary SourceThis is a picture of the Preah Ko, one of the first temple mountain buildings.

All the significant events from the Angkor/Khmer empire's time varies from when significant structures were built, to when a new king is chosen.

The Period of greatest prosperity in the Angkor/Khmer Empire may have also contributed to its decline and defeat.

790 AD - Jayavarman II becomes king

802 AD - Jayavarman II founds the Angkor/Khmer Empire

877 AD - Preah Ko built - one of the first temple mountain buildings; first Angkor reservoir

889 AD - Yasovarman I establishes the capital Yasodharapura, on Angkor Wat ('city temple') site

944 AD - Rajendravarman II is king: Champa attacked and sacked

968 AD - Jayavarman V is king; Banteay Srei and Bani constructed

1002 AD - Civil War

1006 AD - Suryavarman I expands the empire through several military conquests

1113 AD - Suryavarman II is king Angkor Wat is built, Siamese hired soilders in the army of uryavarman II

1177 AD - The Chams (a rival civilisation) defeat the Khmer plundering and burning apart of Angkor

1119 AD - Jayavarman VII is king; the Chams are defeated and expelled; the road system developes rapidly

1200 AD - Angkor Thom 9the Magnificent City) established but the kingdom slowly sinks into decline

1243 AD - Jayavarman VIII is king; Angkor invaded by Mongol leader Kublai Khan

1296 AD - Chinese Traveller and writer Zhou Daguan visits and records daily life in the kingdom

1431 AD - Angkor abandoned after a further invasion by the Ayutthaya (a Rival Civilisation)

By Blake Preusker