Jayavarman II-0

Secondary Source: A picture of a statue of Jayavarman II.This is a secondary source because it could be an inacurate recreation of his image.

Jayarvarman II

Jayarvarman II is known for being the founder of the Angkor Empire, which lasted for 629 years. His reign was from 802 – 835. He was born in the year 770. He dies at the age of 65 on the year 835. He established the devarāja cult which combines the ideas of Shiva and Vishnu. He came from Java where he was possible an exile. He fought against the Javanese and established several capitals.

Suryavarman II

Suryavarman is known for finishing the Angkor Wat temple, the worlds largest religious building. he dedicated Angkor Wat to Vishnu and Shiva. He defeated rivals and extended the the empire to most of what is now modern Thailand. He waged an unsuccessful series of wars from 1123 until 1136 against the Vietnamese kingdoms. He overthrown the Cham King and gave the Cham throne to his brother-in-law Harideva. His tomb was in the Angkor Wat.


Primary Source: A statue of King Suryavarman II. It is a primary source because it is from a temple of that time.

By Blake Preusker